Do Women Care How Much Money You Make? 4 years ago

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"Do Women Care How Much Money You Make?"
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Do women care about money? Yes.

Don't get mad. Get smart. Understand why this is and you can make it work for you.

Women want to be with a man who can provide, or help contribute to, a stable life for her, and any children they might have.

Women want to be in a relationship that is secure and as stress free as possible. And not having money does not do this.

Chemistry and attraction can bring you together initially, however, eventually she's going to want to know that money is not going to be a big problem in her life.

Being able to earn money is also a sign of having high work ethic, passion and drive . All traits that money find attractive.

It's not about the amount of money you have in your bank account but that you have the means and ability of making it.

This means being hard working, having skills, being driven, motivated, and passionate about what you do.

Watch out for gold diggers. These women are with the men they're with solely because of the money they have.

These type of relationships are temporary and shallow.

When you have money you can do things like go out, travel, do fun things, buy nice stuff, eat out, and not worry too much about bills.

When you can work and do things like this more, and worry about money less, women will be more naturally attracted to you.

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Money is not a bad thing. Don't see it as a bad thing. And don't care about how a woman feels about money because that's her deal.

Care about how you're doing and how to get better at it.

To your financial success,


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